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Plastic is everywhere – in an infinite variety of shapes. Your industry is constantly changing and is very competitive. You depend on fast, smooth stencil making and particularly on a most cost effective production process. You and your customers set great store on optimum quality. With Sefar screen printing meshes you are able to provide extremely bright, durable colors and effects and use these for products and messages in a way that they stand out from the crowd and are noticed. Your quick way to this smart goal: The wide range of attractively priced Sefar meshes, complemented by our comprehensive support.


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Industrial Screen Printing products from Sefar

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Visit us at the K 2019 – Booth 4 / C63-02, ESMA Pavilion:

PS Sujet Plastics

Plastic containers

Plastic containers prove every day: skillfully packed is half sold. What is called for: More precise multi-color printing, precious varnish, metallic effects and razor-sharp fonts produced using stencils that can cope with even the most complex shapes. Screen printing using the innovative pre-coated SEFAR PCF master this complex art quickly and cleanly – from prototype to mass production.

PS Electronics_IMD

In mould decoration (IMD)

Decorated foils using back-molding to shape them into plastic parts means saved time and money. Required: High precision and the accurate mesh for each molded piece; for example, the unique pre-coated SEFAR PCF for the efficient production of stencils or SEFAR PME for superior dimensional stability of the printed image on the injected part.

PS Electronics_Dials 02


As motorists, our eyes are mainly focused on the road. But we also have to pay attention to speed, and thus we also look often at our speedometer. SEFAR PME screen printing mesh properties allow the precise and efficient production of easy-to-read tachometer dials so that we are able to keep our eyes on the road but easily and continuously be aware of our speed and remain accident free.

PS_Membrane Switch 18

Membrane switches and dials

Keypads are in constant use every day, must withstand a lot of physical punishment and still look good and perform well. In addition, inscriptions such as signs, labels and numbers must remain clearly visible for years. For both graphical and functional elements: By using Sefar screen printing mesh you can produce membrane switches and keypads with the highest, consistent quality. Recommended: SEFAR PME


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Visit us at Booth 4 / C63-02, ESMA-Pavilion.

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