The Benefits of Light Diffusion


When it comes to lighting, quality doesn’t always start at the source.

In fact, for many interior design applications, it’s not the light itself, but most often the systems and materials that accompany and interact with the light that produce the most comfortable and visually pleasing environments. Light diffusion is by far the most effective method through which this is accomplished.

Diffusion breaks straight beams of light from the source, scattering them in different directions and producing a glow, rather than a shine. Its purpose is to mimic soft natural light from the sun (diffused naturally by clouds and the atmosphere), eliminate harsh shadows, offer larger expanses of continuous lumination and ultimately improve aesthetics and occupant comfort.

It is important to understand that diffused light does not always mean less light. Most methods and degrees of light diffusion yield a bright and useful space, with less intensity – which means more comfort and a more pleasing, natural aesthetic. Contrast and uneven illumination are completely eliminated.

Providing all of these benefits and more, SEFAR LIGHTFRAME is a fabric framing system that superiorly diffuses light through wrinkle-free, high-quality architectural fabrics biaxially stretched over a light, modular frame.

LightFrame panels can be installed just 10 mm apart from one another, creating a seamless aesthetic and continuous illumination. The panels are mounted beneath either electric lighting fixtures or skylights in a manner similar to the installation of a drop ceiling. The result is artificial light or daylight beautifully diffused into the interior space.

Developed with extensive consultation from lighting specialists and polymer experts, SEFAR Architecture’s fabrics allow LightFrame to diffuse high levels of artificial light or daylight without color shift, making the system an all-inclusive solution. It provides light diffusion, acoustic improvement and the sensuous aesthetic of a fabric ceiling.

Diffused light is quality light. And with its wide variety of next-generation fabrics, unparalleled degrees of light transmission and seamless aesthetic, SEFAR LIGHTFRAME is quality design.