SEFAR Architecture VISION – This makes glasses unique

Incorporating glass into a construction can be a challenge, however SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric is the perfect combination of design and function. SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics provide unlimited creativity, reduce solar heat gain by reducing glare. Heat radiation is reduced by SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics up to 45% and they additionally absorb a large part of remaining radiation, thus the combination can block up to 70% of the heat radiation. Thermal modeling of the glass build-up can be calculated easily with a partner company Sommer Informatik and provide your team with a solution to both energy conservation and artistic creativity.

The use of Sefar fabrics makes glass unique


Project C-Quadro, Udine

A glass facade – depending on the type of fabric style, UV printed color and time of day – changes between transparency and reflection, bringing new life to this building’s exterior.
The special technical specifications of the SEFAR Architecture VISION fabrics make the facade optically and functionally unique. A variety of colors and designs open up entirely new spaces for visual design. Special features such as individual sun protection, the one-way vision effect to improve views to the exterior, a lower g-value and the reduction of bird impacts increase the decisive added value to the facade.


Power transmission in laminated glass

Project Keflavik Airport, Iceland

AS_Architecture_Vision_Airport Keflavik 01

The building consists of a glass facade featuring SEFAR Architecture VISION. This fabric is laminated into the exterior glass facade, reducing heat gain and glare and having a positive effect on the indoor climate.

SEFAR Architecture | fabric&light – white PVDF fabrics for acoustically effective light ceilings and light walls, lamella constuctions, room dividers, acouostic sails, etc.

SEFAR Architecture | fabric&weather – white PTFE fabrics for membrance ans kinetic folding constructions, canopies, sun sails, umbrellas, awnings, etc.